Body Beautiful Courses

As women in our Western culture, it can be really hard to have a good relationship with our bodies, let alone a great one. We grow up being told that our bodies aren’t good enough, that our value and worth comes from how we look and if our appearance doesn’t make the grade, we don’t matter. The female body is presented as an object of desire rather than one part of the powerful and beautiful human being that is you and I.

Like most women (about 80% in the UK), I have struggled with my body image both as a teenager and then again after the birth of my two children. Through making my own skincare products and practising mindfulness exercises, I have learned to care for myself better, and begun to value this incredible body that enables me to do so much! 

I am still on my journey so I know that learning to love and accept ourselves just the way we are is a hard slog, but the truth is that we all hold the power to define our own sense of beauty. 

The Body Beautiful courses are designed specifically for women aged 18+ to help nurture a better relationship with our bodies.

What we offer:

  • A full 8-week Introductory Course to Body awareness and acceptance
  • Flexible half-day workshop for conferences or small groups
  • Full day workshop for conferences or small groups
  • One-off sessions based around a particular topic

Topics we cover:

  • Becoming aware of our relationship with our bodies and how this affects our wellbeing.
  • Brief history of our cultural representation of the female body.
  • Combatting Automatic Negative Thoughts and our inner critic.
  • Learning self compassion. 
  • Positive integration of our body-image and self identity.
  • How our bodies protect us and the importance of gratitude.
  • Vision boards and identifying our inner strengths.
  • Internal and external beauty standards – considering the standards we set for ourselves and for others.
  • The role of the media and building resilience.
  • Celebration of our beautiful selves!


“For the first time, I have given myself permission to take time off just for myself and take care of myself.”

“Such an amazing course – I really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning to love yourself instead of stressing about things you can’t change.[…] Thanks again, wow, what an eye-opener to change our thoughts and perceptions of others.’

If you’d like to find out more, find out if there’s a course running in your area, or you’re interested in booking a workshop or course for your organisation, send me an email here.