Organic Night Oil Ingredients Overview

Hemp seed oil – perfect for oily or acne prone skin, this oil won’t clog pores and is high in essential omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin A so perfect for balancing skin and restoring elasticity.

Argan oil – high in anti-ageing antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. It also moisturises and softens skin and promotes elasticity.

Pumpkin seed oil – packed full of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals (including zinc) to help maintain collagen levels, and brighten skin; this is a brilliant anti- ageing oil.

Squalane oil– this oil is naturally produced by our skin to keep it soft, moisturised and elastic, however production starts to diminish in our early twenties. Our squalane oil is naturally derived from olives and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Soya Bean oil – an anti-ageing wonder oil. Full of wonderful antioxidants, this oil helps promote skin’s elasticity and stimulate collagen production.

Rose-hip oil – perfect for all skin types. Full of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids it helps repair skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Rice bran oil – a great natural source of vitamins E and B, rice bran oil helps increase the skin’s elasticity, is very hydrating and helps brighten the skin.

Borage seed oil – packed full of GLA, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid which is essential for maintaining healthy, balanced skin.

Jojoba Seed Oil – Jojoba seed oil is actually a liquid wax and is highly beneficial for all skin types as it very closely resembles the sebum that our skin naturally produces. This means it is a highly effective moisturizer but can also help regulate our own skin’s oil production so is useful for both dry and oily skins.

Calendula Extract – Calendula is highly anti-inflammatory as well as having antimicrobial properties and is therefore a very healing herb, useful for treating many skin conditions from dermatitis to acne.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) – a powerful anti-ageing antioxidant, vitamin E also helps prevent the oils becoming damaged through oxidization.

Ylang Ylang – often used as an aphrodisiac. Ylang ylang is also very soothing and calming.

Lavender – well known for its soothing, calming sedative effects, lavender also contains anti-bacterial properties and is very healing.

Vetiver – very soothing, sedative effects, vetiver is also useful in the treatment of wrinkles and acne.

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