Our Ethos

It may be a cliché, but here at Cherish, we really do believe that beauty is more than skin deep. We want our products to help all us women feel really great about ourselves no matter what our background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or age happens to be.

We are not at all keen on the one dimensional, unobtainable version of ‘beauty’ that the beauty industry so often presents but we do love celebrating the confidence of real beauty, no matter what shape or size it comes in.


So we take a holistic approach to our products – we want to promote a great sense of wellbeing and strong, healthy skin rather than trying to confuse, dupe or manipulate you into buying stuff that doesn’t actually do very much.

We are also not a fan of exaggerated anti-aging claims (every age is beautiful –why would you want to be any younger than you are?) but we’re very keen on thinking outside the box when it comes to having strong, healthy skin.

We understand that how we look, feel and behave are all closely connected, so when we feel great, we’re going to look better and are more likely to act in ways that will benefit our health (like exercising and eating well). We also understand that our skin is a major organ of our body with an extremely important function (i.e. keeping us safe from nasty pathogens that could make us poorly). So we can’t treat our skin like a standalone part of our body; stress, what we eat and drink, and our general wellbeing all have a massive impact on the health of our skin.

This means we don’t just make beautiful, effective topical skin-care solutions (although we definitely do that too), we also create herbal teas, natural sleep aids and products designed to help you de-stress and unwind.


We handcraft all our skin-care solutions in small batches so we can use the purest, least refined and freshest ingredients we can get our (squeaky clean!) little mitts on. We keep our products as natural as possible because we are deeply concerned about the increasing research that suggests that the concoction of chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday life has the potential for huge reaching implications for our health, the health of our kids and the health of our planet. For this reason, we source as many of our ingredients as we possibly can from Soil Association Certified growers and we are continually looking to increase this.

All our products are meticulously researched to bring you the best quality skincare tailored to your skin’s needs. Tested on real women for real women, in our home town of Sunny Southampton, we want to ensure our products are effective, easy to use, multifunctional and affordable.


We want our products to be kind to our planet too, so all our packaging is recyclable and we are working towards a ‘return and re-fill’ scheme so we can reuse as much of our bottles and packaging as we possibly can. We also source our ingredients as ethically as we can because everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and receive a fair wage for the work they do, right?

We passionately want to help promote great self-worth for all women and are constantly exploring new ways to do this. (Any ideas, let us know!) We are looking to support several women’s organisations and charities locally and then see where the wind takes us!

We are so passionate about the importance of our vision that we judge every decision we make against the guiding principles of our credo which you can find here.